Our Services

​As a full-service provider, we develop cosmetic products from your ideas, produce them, fill them and package them for you. We guarantee the high quality of our products with the latest technology and constant quality control.


​​We accompany you from the beginning and support you with our experience.


​​New development according to customer requirements Revision of existing formulations.

​Conservation Stress Tests

​We carry out extensive tests to ensure the consistent quality of your products.

​Stability tests - proof of effectiveness

​​Skin moisture, wrinkle reduction, light protection filter SPF, etc.

​Creation of the product information

​​Security report, PID, CPNP notification etc.


​Natrue, Cosmos, ECO Cert, BDIH usw.

​Our laboratory is GMP tested

​​Good manufacturing practice for cosmetics, household and personal care products

The ISO 22716 standard describes requirements for the manufacturing processes of cosmetic products. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) means appropriate development and maintenance of quality assurance in the production of cosmetics and products with similar hygiene requirements. The cosmetics GMP certification according to ISO 22716 proves that the work processes in your company correspond to good manufacturing practice.